A Photo A Day

Ending with a blast

January 02, 2012

Fireworks above the Ferry Building in San Francisco from Coit Tower.

This concludes the first year of photos. An amazing year that I know wouldn’t have been documented in such detail if not for the goal of at least one photo a day. Sure, some were barely worth the pixels, but others were just speechless.

I learned that you can’t get a perfect shot everyday, and you can learn from every shot you take. I love sunsets and anything around water. Patience can be a big factor. Just standing at the street corner can be a fun game.

One thing I know I’ve really improved with is night photography. I always am excited when I go through the night photos with all the different light I’ve captured. So this shot represents my past year best. I went places, I saw amazing things, and I learned how to capture them.

Here’s to another year. Starting tomorrow. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

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